"Arielle": This "Pirates of the Caribbean" star is to play Arielle's father

One day after the appointment of Harry Styles as Prince Erik became known, a high-profile actor may take on the role of Arielle's father, King Triton.

The cast of Disney's "Arielle" real-life movie is currently on everyone's lips. The first was the cast of comedy star Melissa McCarthy as Sea Witch Ursula, then came with singer Halle Bailey as Arielle the first sensation message, which was even trumped yesterday by the message to Harry Styles as Prince Erik - at least for all fans of pop Group One Direction. Now Disney experts at Disinsider want to know that Javier Bardem is talking to King Triton, Arielle's father.

Bardem, who has made a name for himself as an outstanding character actor in recent years, won an Oscar for best supporting role in "No Country For Old Men" in 2008. In addition, many of you from "Skyfall" know him as the opponent of James Bonds. With "Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge" he has also gained Disney experience (and a lot of sea air sniffed).

Disney's live-action film could certainly benefit from Bardem's acting talent - but his cast is far from firm. For the role distribution of the remake blockbuster, Disney has submitted a script to a wider selection of actors. As a reminder, about a year ago, Zendaya ("Spider-Man: Far From Home") was still the favorite for the lead role.

The real-life adaptation of the animated classic "Arielle" from 1989 was in the last two weeks for that very reason in the discussion - with Halle Bailey, a black singer for the part of Disney's animated cartoon white Arielle was occupied. Heavy complaints and the mobbing of fans over social networks were followed by decisive reactions from Disney and the original mermaid speaker, Jodi Benson.

An exact start date for "Arielle" is not fixed yet. However, we expect that the real-life film will not be released until 2021.