New from Netflix today: The triple (!) Portion of "Predator" action

The controversial "Predator - Upgrade" is not included, but today three "Predator" films have landed in the program of the streaming provider. However, a mandatory program is only the original from the year 1987!

Yes, I stand by it, "Predator - Upgrade" by "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black was extremely fun, which is why I gave him 4 out of 5 stars in the official vipmovies review, while the average opinion is certainly very is much lower.

The vipmovies criticism for "Predator - Upgrade"

But thankfully, we do not have to argue about that today, because even if Netflix has just taken three "Predator" films in the program in this country, the newest is not there. Instead, there are now the streaming giants:

Director John McTiernan (who then starred straight away with "Die Hard" and "Hunt for Red October."), Has come up with the iconic cracker featuring US elite soldiers in the jungle and a hopelessly superior space super-predator "Has refilled) and his star Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a true action classic in the late eighties. At any rate, we only give 4-star splattering fun in Germany for a long time.

"Ah-nuld versus the abysmally ugly brother of E.T. - that is the stuff of which the (men's) dreams are made. Anyone who is more sensitive to explicit violence should therefore avoid "predators." Friends of horror and action cinemas, on the other hand, can look forward to a pure adrenaline rush then occurs when the extraterrestrial antagonist from the vastness of the universe pursues his leisure activity.Which largely renounced logic and credibility, should surprise anybody and is simply one of them.Several was the term popcorn cinema as appropriate as in this case.

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The L.A.-based sequel to 1990 is far less straightforward and instead features a drug war noir thriller with sci-fi splatter deposits. Instead of a dull steam hammer action there is a comparatively almost experimental sequel to director Stephen Hopkins ("Lost In Space"), in which then logically no action icon like Arnie, but a character head like Danny Glover ("Leathel Weapon") plays the lead role. We give 3.5 stars:

"In fact, 'Predator 2' was not at the box office, but missed the commercial bar of the enormously successful first by far and was particularly among Schwarzenegger fans (who represented a not inconsiderable proportion of the cinema audience) the reputation of a threadbare, monotonous Abklatsches one. But the reverse is true: it only becomes clear in retrospect that 'Predator 2' represents a striking and notable milestone in the action cinema of the early 1990s, alongside the undoubtedly magnificent predecessor, the rare case of a largely independent, almost equal sequel. "

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Speaking of character head: On such a Nimrod Antal is also in his Reboot produced by Robert Rodriguez, which also works as a sequel at the same moment. In "Predators" it is true as in the original again to a military force that deals with alien hunters - just this time not with a muscle man, but with Oscar winner Adrien Brody (awarded for "The Pianist") as a leader. Nevertheless, at the end of our "only" for three stars. You can, but you do not have to look at yourself:

"Predators' ties quite convincingly to John McTiernan's action classic Predator (1987), though he does not quite reach their class. Confrontations with the alien alien race are not all that common, yet Antal keeps his cauldron under steam by constantly stalking, beating, and challenging each other's characters. Of course, the depth of the characters is only hinted at, because after all, Predators is not an action drama that wants to position itself for the Oscars. "