Quentin Tarantino finishes with directing?

From the beginning of his film career, Quentin Tarantino has announced that he intends to direct only ten films. The creator of "Pulp Fiction" is currently finishing work on "Once upon a time ... in Hollywood", which was included in the main competition of the Cannes festival. Tarantino decided to reassemble the picture before its worldwide premiere. By the way, he also revealed that it may have been his last movie in a career.

"As for the feature film, I came to the end of the road," said Tarantino in an interview for GQ Australia.

"Maybe I'll start writing books or theater plays to create, but I think I've shown everything I can do about movies," said the creator of "The Basterds of War." Tarantino also admitted that "Once upon a time ... in Hollywood "will be a huge success, maybe he will give up his promise to end his career after making the tenth film and go straight to a creative retirement. Brad Pitt believes the director's admission. "I do not think it's up. (...) I tried to dissuade him, but he calculated that after ten films, even the best artists fall out of the game" - revealed the actor who collaborated with Tarantino twice.

The announcement of the pension of the creator of "Mad Dogs" has always aroused the doubts of moviegoers. Other filmmakers, including Paul Thomas Anderson, the author of "As Blood Goes Down" and "Thread Thread," also refer in disbelief. "I know that Quentin likes to say," I'll make ten movies and the end. "I could not think like that. And I do not know how he can say such things seriously, I would like to make films for as long as I can, "said Anderson." Once upon a time ... in Hollywood "will enter Polish cinemas on August 16, 2019.

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